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Why Buy Nutri-West?

w  Nutri-West is one of the very few companies that has Regional Distributors which allows us to  give the best customer service available and fast, same day shipping. Your questions will be answered by knowledgeable specialists that you have gotten to know, many times personally.

w Nutri-West continues to maintain its philosophy of synergism, knowing that the sum of the product is greater than the individual ingredients. Besides the scientific research that guides our formulation, many of our products are pre-market tested for energetic balance, which is why Nutri-West is so popular with practitioners that utilize feedback assessment such as muscle testing and technology like the Zyto. 

w Nutri-West has many leaders in natural medicine formulate for us, such as Dan Murphy, DC; Brandon Lundell, DC; J. Dunn, DC; Lynn Toohey, PhD; Don Bellgrau, PhD; Walter Schmitt, DC; Evan Mladenoff, DC; the late Dr. George Goodheart; the late Dr. Alan Beardall; and others.

 w Our Company was founded by a chiropractor, the late Dr. Paul White and his wife Marcia. Their children still own and operate the company. It’s a large international company, but small enough that you can still call and talk to the president of the company with questions!

 w It’s a Modern, efficient, full in-house manufacturing plant, which is a vital point in overall control of the manufacturing quality and not just putting a label on somebody else’s product. In fact there are over 1200 raw materials in the plant and nearly 300 products.

 w We Offer Support literature for most products for both the doctor and patient education, as well as computer software, webinars and many high quality continuing education seminars.

 w Disintegration Testing to verify appropriate absorption of tablet.

 w Products Are Sold Strictly through licensed health care professionals and never in health food stores.

 w All Herbs and Food Concentrates are Certified Organically Grown whenever available.

 w You Receive a Volume Discount on most products when you buy 12 of the same product, receiving 2 free, which is approximately a 16% discount.

 w All Nutrients are Tested for heavy metal toxicity and contamination by independent certified laboratories. All glandular sources are from certified bovine sources.

 w Our Products are the most hypoallergenic products possible. 

 w We think Nutri-West Offers You, the practitioner, the complete package that you need to provide your family and patients with the best supplements available! 

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