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Since its inception Nutri-West has marketed its products, through its distributors, only to healthcare professionals. It has found that the expertise of these professionals is important in designing and monitoring a program that is best suited for the individual patient. 

Recently our products have appeared on internet websites, because of the practices of some of these sites, Nutri-West is unable to verify the quality or the authenticity of all products they sell, as they may have been compromised by being purchased and sold outside of our approved chain of distribution. These products may not comply with all applicable federal and state laws. Also we have learned that other products have manufacturing dates that are several years old raising concerns that the products do not meet label claims.

Websites that are outside our approved chain of distribution include, but are not limited to: Amazon, PureFormulas, Pure Essence Health, Nutrition 4 You, Hidden Depot Health Professionals, Total Health Discount, Professional Supplement Center.

We encourage you to purchase our products from healthcare professionals that are within our approved distribution chain. If you choose to pURchase Nutri-West products from an unapproved website, keep in mind the Latin phrase "caveat emptor" (i.e., "BUYER BEWARE").

Dear fellow healthcare practitioner,

You and the legions of other healthcare professionals who come to us for support will always get our personal best, not just the best our machines, our informations and our data banks can give. WHY? For the same reason that you sit down and personally get to know and understand your patients. It is because we are working together in the most human of fields - healthcare. We are dealing with people's lives and comfort, with their expectations for today and their hopes for tomorrow.

The credo on which Nutri-West is based is patient well-being. We hold to the principle that the professional health care practitioner is the surest way to good health. We maintain an absolute committment to product quality, purity and efficacy. The professionals who rely on us deserve nothing lest than our personal best in service and support. Those are not just words on an office wall plaque, they are the daily guidelines by which we operate.

Our dedication to you, the healthcare professional, is absolute. Our products are formulated and produced specifically to support YOUR healing arts and are available to your patients only in that context and only through you. Unlike many other leading supplements lines, Nutri-West products will never be for sale in a health food store, a supermarket, a drug store or any other retail outlet.

Personal dedication remains our defining company trait. Whether shipping all possible orders the day they are placed, constantly seeking new and improved formulations for your patients' health, or simply answering our telephones in person and with a real willingness to help, we strive to provide the nutritional assistance you want and the nutritional products your patients need.

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